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Accredited Colleges

The ICM has had to streamline the list of various colleges which where formerly accredited due to unfortunate incidents, and hope to accredit more formalised colleges in the future.

The following colleges are accredited by the ICM currently:

Professional Body

The Institute of Credit Management NPC is recognised by SAQA as a Professional Body since 2012. We are proud to be able to state that we have met SAQA’s criteria each year, without fail since then and have achieved the “Green Light” by maintaining all SAQA’s criteria and meeting their standards.

All Professional Members are required to achieve 30 Points within a 3 (three) year period, by way of Continual Professional Development which is very important with the ever-changing credit environment within which we live in.

Covid-19 has given us some challenges during 2020 and we have unfortunately not been able to organise the events which the ICM would normally present. The ICM will once again meet these challenges head on in 2021.


Heather Lawlor
Heather Lawlor

ICM National Gala Awards

Join us for the ICM National Gala Awards with entertainment by Harry Sideropoulos

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Heather Lawlor

ICM National Assessments

With the Covid-19 Pandemic the ICM made the decision with the learners safety to introduce Digital National Assessments to ensure the safety and well-being of our Learners, the ICM Education Committee and ICM Board made the decision to introduce Digital National Assessments.

Heather Lawlor

Digital National Assessments

The ICM has now run two years of Digital National Assessments, June and November 2020/2021 with good results and the ICM Education Board is happy to share that there has been no evidence of cheating the National assessments have been declared “fair and above board”.

Heather Lawlor