Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of the Institute of Credit Management Proffessional Body Membership

As the Institute of Credit Management is the Credit Professional Body of South Africa and as such hold our members to the highest ethical standards and as such:

We at The Institute of Credit Management as the custodian of Credit within South Africa are committed to encouraging and hold our members and affiliates responsible to conduct themselves in the manner consistent with the highest standards and good reputation of the profession. We shall ensure that our members and affiliate’s Act with fairness and integrity towards all persons with whom their work is connected, towards other members and in compliance with the letter and the spirit of current statutory and other legal requirements.


All Members must at all times behave with utmost integrity and honesty; As a Member of a Professional Body their behavior must be beyond approach, as they are looked upon as attainted a higher level of Creditability being registered on the NLRD. Their behavior must be beyond reproach, indeed and action.


All Member’s must at all times respect the confidentiality and privacy of information received as factual, truthful and tactful and this information may not be divulged to third parties, without written consent from parties supplying such information and the purpose therein.


A Member will at all times receive and supply information about the conduct of a person/creditors, to such creditors directly, or to a credit bureau, subject to such information being harmful to the operation of a Member's employer, or specifically prohibited by such an employer, or prohibited by statute, and subject to all such information being truthful and verifiable, and in compliance with this code. A Member, in the process, of carrying out such duties will have due regard for the person, the property and the civil rights of a person/company and will ensure that any action taken against such a person does not humiliate threaten or cause distress to such a debtor, and is furthermore not against legislation.


A Member will at all times comply with all statutes and laws of the country, and will adhere to all Codes and / or regulations published in terms in the Government Gazette or any other law where the contents of such a Code or such a Regulation determines the relationship between a creditor and any one of his debtors/persons.


5.1 All Members undertake to abide by, and to honour The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of the Institute of Credit Management in all instances and at all times.

5.2 All Members undertake to abide by, and adhere to, the Articles and Rules of Membership.

5.3 No Member will under any circumstances make any derogatory remarks about the Institute of Credit Management or any Office Bearer of the Institute of Credit Management or towards any third party. Without detracting from the general nature of the above, any Member is at all times free to criticise any action taken by any office bearer of the Institute of Credit Management and is at all times able to exercise all normal democratic rights and all rights of membership, within the formal structures available to such a Member within the general organisation of the Institute of Credit Management

Should any member wish to lodge a Grievance against a Member of the Credit Professional Body Members then they are required to contact the Administration of the Institute of Credit Professional to follow the due process.